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We can’t believe it! Only 25 left of our €10 Online Leg Wax offer

A little while ago because of all the lovely sunshine we decided to do a special offer for 150 of our online fans who might want to get your legs out in the sun.

We thought a Full Leg Wax for €10 was a pretty good deal and it seems you all did too. We’ve been blown away by the response and now there are only 25 left (and going fast).

€10 Full Leg wax in Salon all this week too!!

Because we expect the last of the offer to be sold in the next day or so we’ve decided to expand the offer in Salon as well. So if you drop in for a full leg wax this week we’ll do it for €10. Call us on 0871908648 to book in this week.

Remember though if you grab one of the last 25 online offers you can book it any time you like (we don’t believe things like that should expire) or give it as a gift to a friend.


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